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Since its establishment in 1968, Tokyo International Academy has welcomed students with various goals and turned-out students going into famous universities and graduate schools in substantial numbers. We currently have three campuses in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo with approximately 800 students enrolled. “Aim for prestigious schools!” is a slogan that the students follow as they study hard to enter their target university or graduate schools.

Every faculty member supports each international student to make sure they can study hard with peace of mind and to have a smooth sailing life. Under the guidance of veteran instructors and staff members, classes and guidance counselling are offered to ensure that students can reach their dreams and goals for the future. Upon graduation, our greatest educational goal is for students to continue to aim higher as they strive to develop human resources that can play an active role in Japan and international community.

Our hope is for you to perfectly learn Japanese in a quick and orderly fashion as you broaden your horizon on all aspects of the Japanese culture.

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For those aiming to enroll into a top Japanese university

6 Reasons to Choose TIA

Support for University and Graduate School Success

Along with the regular classes, EJU and JLPT exam preparation are offered twice a year. Interviews, essays, and research proposals are also provided to prepare for the entrance exam for higher education.

Overwhelming Success Rate to Top Universities

Close to 90% of students who enter our academy goes to top-tier universities with high academic standards, such as Tokyo University.

Thorough Guidance from Highly Qualified Instructors

Thorough Guidance from Highly Qualified Instructors.

Level Based Education

Prior to enrollment, a test is administered to ensure that each student can start in a class appropriate to their level. The levels range from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Well-developed Curriculum

An annual curriculum designed to help students grasp a good balance of grammar, listening, reading, and speaking skills.

Courteous Guidance to Higher Education

An abundance of experienced and knowledgeable faculty members contributes detailed academic guidance suited to match with each student's specialties.

Years of experience
students over the years

In TIA, we are proud of our achievement

Curriculum to pursue higher education

Course content

For the purpose of entering a university or graduate school, our school will conduct all preparatory courses in Japanese. Students will be placed at the appropriate level based on their performances on the Placement Test and JLPT at the time of enrollment in April, July, October, and January. Depending on the time of the year, EJU, JLPT, and University / Graduate School Preparation class will begin to correspond with the needs of the students.

 If you have any questions regarding the details of the lessons or would like to know more about the school, please feel free to contact us

University or Graduate school admission rate​

First Class Universities and Graduate Schools 86%
Chinese Students in Japan
University / Graduate Schools 49%

General Incorporated Foundation Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education Overview of Japanese Education Institutions Breakdown of Students by Country of Origin from the Academic Year in 2019

Acceptance to Top Universities

Renowned, Prestigious Universities
Other Universities

Tokyo International Culture College – Breakdown of Accepted Candidates for Universities and Graduate School in 2019

Guidance Counseling

Early in the school year, the teacher in charge will consider the students’ interests, career path and financial support. They will also recommend the most suitable university, department, and course of study. EJU Preparation lectures and mock tests are conducted for students hoping to attend a university. In regards of wanting to enter a graduate school, a follow-up with the application documents, correction of the research plan and preparation for interviews will be implemented in the curriculum. With our absolute attentive academic guidance, we continue to break the record of top-level acceptance results.

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